About the Health Policy Division


To preserve appropriate patient access to quality spine interventions through working with private payers; government, legislative, and regulatory entities; as well as other medical societies, in order to assure proper level of reimbursement, appropriate coverage criteria and optimal practice environment for qualified practicing physicians.


  1. Work with government and private payers to promote appropriate coverage policies for these vital procedures at the national, state, and local level.
  2. Educate payers and government entities about the benefits of spinal interventions and conscientious application of evidence.
  3. Promote appropriate coding and reimbursement by actively participating in panels developing CPT codes and payment values for each procedure.
  4. Provide input on regulations, legislation, and rules that impact the field of spinal interventions.

The Health Policy Division oversees the Spine Intervention Society's initiatives related to health policy, coverage, reimbursement, practice management, and scope of practice issues related to spine interventions.

Staff Contacts

Belinda Duszynski
Senior Director of Policy and Practice

Sandra Ray, MPH
Manager of Policy and Practice 


    Scott I. Horn, DO – Chair Wesley Ibazebo, MD
    David O’Brien, Jr, MD
    Kevin Vorenkamp, MD - Vice-Chair
    Joshua Levin, MD
    Yusef Sayeed, MD
    Marzena M. Buzanowska, MD
    W. David Mauck, MD
    Virtaj Singh, MD
    Richard Chang, MD, MPH
    Ariz R. Mehta, MD
    Kate Sully, MD
    Dustin Cole, MD Brandon Messerli, DO
    Graham E. Wagner, MD
    Jason Eldrige, MD
    Michael Molter, DO
    Ronald Wasserman, MD
    Luis Guerrero, MD    

Kano Mayer, MD
Kano Mayer, MD

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