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The Spine Intervention Society, or SIS (pronounced “ESS-EYE-ESS”), was formerly known as the International Spine Intervention Society. SIS is driven by leading multi-specialty physicians who are dedicated to advancing awareness of the implementation of evidence-based spine interventions through practice, advocacy, research, and education.

SIS has nearly 3,000 Board Certified physician members in 43 countries and has been providing high quality spine care information for over 25 years. SIS membership is primarily composed of physicians who are pursuing or who are Board Certified in: Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Radiology, Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery, and Neurosurgery.


To develop and promote the highest standards for the practice of interventional procedures.


Interventional procedures that are correctly indicated, competently performed, and beneficial to our patients and society.


In November 1988, following a spine meeting in San Antonio, Texas a small group of physicians with similar interests and core values decided to form "a study group dedicated to the advancement of spinal injection procedures." They called themselves the Needle Jockey Club, founded by doctors, Aprill, Bogduk, Derby and Tibiletti. By 1991 the name had changed to the International Spinal Injection Society and the first Newsletter was published, connecting members and sharing valuable information. In 1992 the first hands-on cadaver workshop and annual scientific meeting were organized, both for the benefit of physicians in need of education and camaraderie. By 2000 the name would change once more to recognize the diversity of the field. The Statement of Purpose is the same now as it was when first drafted. "The International Spinal Injection Society is an association of physicians interested in the development, implementation and standardization of percutaneous techniques for the precision diagnosis of spinal pain. By constituting a forum for the exchange of ideas, by undertaking research, and by holding public lectures, the association seeks to consolidate developments in diagnostic needle procedures, to identify and resolve persisting controversies, to publicize developments, and to recommend guidelines of practice based on scientific data." We continue to uphold these values.


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