Surveys Implemented

SUMMER 2019: Understanding Current Practice Patterns in Pain Management for Radiofrequency Procedures for Chronic Spinal Pain in Patients with Implantable Devices

Principal Investigator: Jason Friedrich, MD

Co-Investigators: Ben Marshall, MD and Elise Adcock, MD

SPRING 2019: Physician Decision Making and Patient Satisfaction Scores

Principal Investigators: Byron J. Schneider, MD and Reza Ehsanian, MD, PhD

WINTER 2019: Understanding the Current Landscape of Regenerative Medicine for Percutaneous Treatment of Spine Pathology

Principal Investigator: Venu Akuthota, MD

Co-Investigator: Balaji Sridhar MD, PhD

SPRING 2018: Epidural Corticosteroid Injection Practices & Trends: A Survey of Interventional Spine Physicians

Principal Investigator: Zachary McCormick, MD

SUMMER 2016: Antithrombotic Drugs in Interventional Spine Procedures

Principal Investigator: Matthew Smuck, MD


WINTER 2015-2016: Are Patient Satisfaction Surveys Altering How Physicians Practice?

Principal Investigator: Joshua H. Levin, MD 

Co-Investigators: D.J. Kennedy, MD and Ryan Mattie, MD


WINTER 2015:  International Delphi Study on Clinical Diagnosis of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Principal Investigators: Christy Tomkins-Lane, PhD & Matthew Smuck, MD


SPRING 2014: Does MRI Affect Physician Treatment for Patients Presenting with Low Back Pain: A Prospective Analysis?

Principal Investigator: Venu Akuthota, MD 



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