Survey the SIS Membership

Often in the course of conducting research, it is helpful for investigators to obtain information about current practice patterns, values, or other issues and opinions from physicians. 

Members who wish to conduct a survey of the Spine Intervention Society (SIS) membership must submit their request to the Research Division via the following steps.

Members have the option to submit the survey for critical review and constructive feedback from the Research Division. This step is not required, but may help increase the chances of the survey being accepted when submitted for approval.

Surveys Implemented

General Information
Membership Requirement

At the time of submission, at least one investigator must be a non-trainee SIS member.

  • Study affiliation with any industry entity is not permitted.
  • Solicitations for survey participation with reimbursement are not permitted.
Conflict of Interest Disclosure

All investigators must submit a current (within the past year) conflict of interest disclosure per the SIS disclosure policy. The disclosure survey is located HERE.

Survey Implementation Schedule

In order to prevent survey fatigue among the SIS membership respondent pool only one survey will be approved for implementation per quarter. Abstract selection may be determined by topic and estimated time required for completion.

Survey Format

Surveys should be accessible via a URL link to a survey platform. Distribution of paper copies at SIS meetings is not allowed.

Submitting a Request to Implement a Survey
The following information will be required via an ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. This link requires login to the SIS website.
  • Project title
  • Description of the survey/project
  • Intended use of data
  • Description of how participants' identifying information and interests will be protected
  • Documentation of IRB approval or waiver
    • Note: if the applicant requests critical review of a survey, this documentation is not required at the time of submission. In this case, IRB documentation would be required when submitted for approval.
  • Contact information for all investigators
  • Timeframe for posting and withdrawal from the SIS website, not to exceed 3 months.
  • Date of anticipated submission of survey result summary to the Research Division, within 3 months of close of survey.
  • Brief description of survey for SIS website (2-3 sentences, not to exceed 100 words)
  • Estimated time of completion required
  • A PDF or Word copy of the survey instrument
  • URL link to the survey

When all required components of a survey application have been received, the Research Division will evaluate the request. A decision will be provided to investigators approximately one month after submission.

Terms of Agreement

If the survey is approved for dissemination to the SIS membership, the investigators will be required to sign a Terms of Agreement that details:

1. All submitted materials are accurate and true.

2. Your project is not affiliated with any industry entity.

3. Your project does not offer any incentives for survey participation.

4. Disclosures of all potential conflicts of interest have been submitted to the Spine Intervention Society and will be posted along with the survey background information for review by SIS members.

5. The Spine Intervention Society's name will only be used in the methodology description of the study or survey as providing access to SIS members. The Spine Intervention Society maintains strict control over the use of the SIS name and logo and requires prior approval on all its uses, except for inclusion in the methodology description.

6. Preliminary results of the survey will be summarized and submitted for posting on the SIS Research Division web pages within three months following the deadline for participation, unless an extension is granted. Alternatively, results of the survey will be submitted to the Annual Meeting's Call for Abstracts. The summary will report on the actual number of SIS members participating in the survey in addition to the summarized results.

7. The investigators indemnify the Spine Intervention Society from any and all liability related to the project or its posting.

8. The lead investigator/non-trainee SIS member will be required to sign the Terms of Agreement prior to survey implementation. If the non-trainee SIS member is not the lead investigator, then both individuals will be required to sign the Terms of Agreement. 

Survey Implementation

On the opening date of the approved survey, the Spine Intervention Society will send a single e-mail notification to all members. This e-mail will include a brief description of the survey and a direct link to the survey URL, preceded by the following statement: "The Research Division of the Spine Intervention Society has reviewed and approved dissemination of the following survey to its' members. Your participation is voluntary.”



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