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The Advantages of Working with SIS on Your Research

The Spine Intervention Society (SIS) is proud to provide funding for high quality research to help generate definitive evidence and support the spine intervention field. SIS has supported research in the field since 1990, yet much more needs to be accomplished in order to sustain our specialty. 

Studies Currently Funded by SIS

Recently Published Studies Funded by SIS

Apply for a Research Grant

Investigators seeking grant funding should follow the Spine Intervention Society's procedures for submitting grant proposals. Proposals are carefully vetted by the Research Division and funding of research proposals is approved at the semi-annual SIS Board of Directors meetings.



  • Spine Intervention Society membership is a requirement for a research grant.
  • The research proposal must be original research that is to be performed and not work that is already completed.
  • Institutional Review Board approval is mandatory when involving human or animal subjects.
  • Investigators are required to submit semi-annual research update forms and final research findings to the Research Division.
  • Final results and analysis must be presented at the Spine Intervention Society's Annual Meeting subsequent to project completion. Results are also expected to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.


A Letter of Intent is required a minimum of 3 months prior to the Spring (May 1)/Winter (November 1) full proposal deadlines. See below for specific dates. (Letters of Intent are NOT required for the Nikolai Bogduk Young Investigator Grant; refer to those complete instructions here.)

Letters of Intent should be no longer than 3 pages and must include:

  • Title of proposed study
  • Principal investigator, co-investigators, and corresponding institutions
  • Brief background, specific aims, statistical foundation and analysis plan, preliminary data, description of implementation plan, and timeline or estimated study duration
  • Estimated budget for the study
  • CVs of all investigators (Do not count towards 3-page limit)
  • Each investigator must complete the SIS online disclosure, located HERE.

Submit Letters of Intent via email to


Winter Cycle:

  • Letters of Intent must be received by August 1.
  • After review by the Research Division, full proposals may be invited by September 1.
  • Invited full proposals will be due November 1 for consideration at the winter Board of Directors meeting.

Spring Cycle:

  • Letters of Intent must be received by February 1.
  • After review by the Research Division, full proposals may be invited by March 1.
  • Invited full proposals will be due May 1 for consideration at the Board of Directors meeting held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.


Selection process

Evaluation of letters of intent and full proposals will be considered from the perspectives of:

  • Relevance to the Spine Intervention Society membership and their patients
  • Potential impact on related science, clinical decision-making, and health care policies
  • Value in terms of impact-to-budget ratio

Full proposals will be evaluated according to a 100-point scoring system:

  • Scientific Merit, Significance, and Abstract/Background Information (30 points)
  • Research Strategy - Methodology/Study Design, IRB, Statistical Validity (50 points)
  • Feasibility (20 points)


Full Grant Application Requirements

Additional Information

  • There are no limits on the funding amounts that may be requested. Rather, the evaluation focuses on whether the budget is reasonable and the items appropriate for the proposed project. 
  • While SIS does not specify an upper limit for grant applications, larger fund requests will be evaluated on the perceived value of a study, taking into consideration the extent to which the study design utilizes existing funding frameworks, i.e. reimbursement available to an institution. Within any budget justification, please provide additional details to support the staffing levels.
  • Applications will be accepted from investigators regardless of national origin or location.


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