Patient Safety Committee


Develop and promote best practice recommendations to help ensure the safety of patients undergoing interventional spine procedures.


  1. Comply with the strategic plan as adopted by the Spine Intervention Society (SIS) Board of Directors and ensure that the organization-wide goals of integrity and promotion of best evidence are considered in all activities.
  2. Perform evidence reviews on patient safety topics of importance to SIS members and interventional spine patients.
  3. Establish and promote best practice recommendations to help ensure safety of patients undergoing spinal interventions.
  4. Work with the Education Division to develop course materials and presentations addressing key patient safety issues/best practice recommendations for relevant courses.
  5. Collaborate, as appropriate, with other medical specialty organizations and governmental agencies to promote and advocate for best practice recommendations.

Staff Contacts

Belinda Duszynski
Senior Director of Policy and Practice

Sandra Ray, MPH
Manager of Policy and Practice


    Clark C. Smith, MD, MPH – Chair Zachary McCormick, MD
    Mathew Saffarian, DO
    Adrian Popescu, MD - Vice Chair
    David C. Miller, MD
    Byron Schneider, MD
    Ryan Mattie, MD Jaymin Patel, MD
    Shaan Sudhakaran, MD

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