Full Grant Application Requirements
Nikolai Bogduk Young Investigator Grant: Letters of Intent must be received by January 6, 2020.
Winter Cycle: Letters of Intent must be received by August 1. After review by the Research Division, full proposals may be invited by November 1.

Spring Cycle: Letters of Intent must be received by February 1. After review by the Research Division, full proposals may be invited by March 1. 

Letter of Intent requirements and instructions are available on the Research Funding page.

Full grant applications should follow the format below.


Title page

            Title of Project 
            Principal Investigator’s name and contact information 
            Collaborators’ name and affiliations, if any 
            Proposed project period  

Abstract page

            Abstract/Project Summary (300 words)

Research Proposal - 10 page limit

1. Objective of Project

2. Hypotheses 

3. Background Information and Project Justification—Include summary of previous work, including data from preliminary studies (with references, if available.) Explain why the project is unique and appropriate in the context of prior work.

4. Research Design and Methods 

5. Risks to Subjects and Strategy to Assure Protection  

6. Project Timeline

7. Project Location

8. Future Plans Related to Project 

10. References (Do not count towards 10-page limit)

Other Documents

Budget – list total operating budget requirements. If budget is for multiple years, please list each year’s budget separately and in total.

Budget Justification – budgets should include permanent and consumable equipment, statistical analyses, staff salaries, and other direct expenses. Describe other funds available for this project, if applicable, including amount and source. 

  • There are no limits on the funding amounts that may be requested. Rather, the evaluation focuses on whether the budget is reasonable and the items appropriate for the proposed project. 
  • While SIS does not specify an upper limit for grant applications, larger fund requests will be evaluated on the perceived value of a study, taking into consideration the extent to which the study addresses a priority topic and utilizes existing funding frameworks, i.e. reimbursement available to an institution. Within any budget justification, please provide additional details to support the staffing levels.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) –  if human or animal subjects are involved, approval by an IRB is mandatory. IRB approval is not required at the time of proposal submission. At a minimum, proposals should describe either a plan to apply for IRB approval or the status of an IRB application at the time of submission. SIS staff will ensure that studies that are recommended for funding and approved by the Board of Directors have IRB approval in place.

CVs and Financial Disclosures from any new investigators or consultants.

Institutional Release of Overhead and Indirect Costs – please have your institution’s administrator complete the paragraph below separately on your institution’s letterhead. Include Name, Signature, and Date.

(Institution Name) is aware that the Spine Intervention Society will not pay institutional overheard and indirect costs. I, (Name of Institution's Administrator), have reviewed this application and (Name of Principal Investigator) and I are in agreement that the institutional overhead and the indirect costs will not be deducted from this Research Grant.


Funded Studies

  • If a proposal is approved for funding by the SIS Board of Directors, investigators should allow 4-6 weeks for contract development.
  • Funded investigators are required to submit semi-annual research update forms and final research findings to the Research Division.
  • Final results and analysis must be presented at the Spine Intervention Society's Annual Meeting subsequent to project completion. Results are also expected to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • SIS must be cited as the source of funding in all publications and presentations from the project or its results. A copy of all publications and presentations must be sent to SIS.



Please contact the Spine Intervention Society at grants@SpineIntervention.org

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