Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

The Spine Intervention Society leadership is excited to provide members with this outstanding benefit!

The Spine Intervention Society is keenly aware of the difficulties facing interventional pain physicians. A barrage of insurance payment cuts and healthcare policy changes over the past several years have significantly inhibited your ability to provide continued access to care for many of your patients. In an era of bundled payments, the CDC single dose vial policy, while promoting the safest injection practices, has contributed to a major cost dilemma; and the recent compounding company tragedy has only worsened concerns regarding the safety of pursuing other avenues of single dose vials. We understand that the obstacles to providing quality care can seem overwhelming.

The Spine Intervention Society has always diligently researched ways to assist our members in providing the highest quality evidence-based best care, be it through our education and research efforts, advocacy, or representation at state, regional or governmental forums.

After thoroughly investigating numerous options, in response to the vexing single dose vial issues and escalating supply costs, the Spine Intervention Society leadership is happy to announce the formation of a unique partnership with PedsPal, a national physician Group Purchasing Organization, or GPO. Working with SIS, PedsPal has structured a discount program that is only available to the Spine Intervention Society members. The program is specifically targeted to offer the best pricing on the medications, equipment and supplies that are most important to you. As an example, through the GPO plan, Omnipaque 240 mg/50 ml can be purchased as low as $4.37 per vial.

A Few Details

The GPO pricing is exceptionally competitive across the board, and the range of services is truly unmatched, as PedsPal is willing to work with each participating practice to maximize available savings.

SIS does not pay PedsPal and the products are not marked-up. Instead PedsPal receives an administrative fee (approximately 3%) from the GPO supplier, Henry Schein, a medical supply distributor. PedsPal then shares one half of the administrative fee with SIS, which directs the monies in support of vitally important Research, Education and Advocacy projects. This administrative fee does not impact your discount; rather Henry Schein, the source supplier, treats it as a marketing cost.

Joining is simple, costs nothing and can be cancelled with a 10 day Notice

To view sample pricing from our program, please visit:

To become a member download the application and email or fax it to contact information on the form. Once you are linked to our program, you can order and receive products directly from Henry Schein, and can automatically receive our exclusive pricing.

If you would prefer to speak with a Henry Schein representative to be certain that you are maximizing your savings, please check that box on your membership application and we will have a representative schedule a meeting with your practice.

Take advantage of this fantastic member benefit and join PedsPal today!

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