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What SIS Accomplished on Your Behalf in 2017, and How You Can Shape an Even Greater 2018

Monday, December 18, 2017  

In 2017 the Spine Intervention Society continued to pursue our shared vision of high-quality, safe, and effective spine care. Help elevate our specialty to even greater heights in 2018.

SIS Standards—Guiding the Mission

  • In 2017, SIS identified significant flaws in the Mint Trials, which resulted in the authors’ public acknowledgment that the study utilized diagnostic criteria and techniques inconsistent with SIS Guidelines.
  • SIS issued 12 patient safety notices to help you keep your patients safe, as well as 9 FactFinders—now available both online and in Pain Medicine.
  • SIS also monitored and shared information to help you stay on track with reporting requirements for CMS quality programs. 


Learn about all SIS standards endeavors and help SIS continue to identify areas where more research is needed, summarize evidence in support of advocacy efforts, and establish the guidelines that form the backbone of our curriculum with your donation.

SIS Advocacy—Promoting Appropriate Access and Coverage


  • More than 20 times this year, SIS reached out to payors that were planning to limit appropriate access and coverage. Many updated their coverage policies in response to our comments, positively affecting your patients' well-being and your bottom-line.
  • SIS successfully advocated for changes to provisions in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and MACRA rules, resulting in revised requirements favorable for members in small practices and virtual groups.
  • In 2017, SIS was at the table representing interventional pain medicine for all AMA House of Delegates, CPT, and RUC meetings to advocate for appropriate reimbursement.

Learn about all SIS advocacy efforts and take the next step to extend this important work with your donation.


SIS Research—Expanding the Evidence Base


  • In 2017, SIS funded a longitudinal study of disc degeneration and lumbar discography that will provide more evidence to definitively answer questions about the procedure.
  • Lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy and lumbar epidural steroid injections were identified as priorities that need high-quality randomized controlled trials to provide further evidence of effectiveness in the face of continued threats to coverage.
  • 11 research articles were reviewed through the Online Journal Club, distilling current research for busy members who may not have the time to read through scientific journals.

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SIS Education—Teaching the Techniques That Optimize Outcomes


  • In 2017, SIS offered 2 courses in the Netherlands and 15 in eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia, bringing together physicians from around the world. 
  • Bio-Skills Labs now offer new and expanded content bringing shoulder, hip, and ultrasound components to selected offerings.
  • SIS created an international outreach program that will bring much needed evidence-based education to underserved areas of the world.

Learn about all SIS hands-on courses and SpineNet eLearning and help SIS continue to deliver the world’s premier spine intervention education with your donation.


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